2011 a After 13 years as a project manager at language services providers, Veit Guenther decides to become a freelance translator.
2012 a Due to a steady growth in the revenue of his freelance business, German Translation Unit is incorporated in January 2012 and the first employee joins GTU in April. That´s also when the company moves into a small office on a business park. Six months later, in July, a decision was made to invest in a server-based CAT tool. We chose memoQ.
2013 a Veit travels to the US to meet some of our key customers.
2014 a GTU moves into a new office, twice as big as the old one. We decide to move from Excel spreadsheets to a dedicated project management solution and choose the web-based version of XTRF.
2015 a

The new office is now fully occupied, and can handle a capacity of up to 20,000 words per day.

GTU incorporates in Germany, Berlin.