- Medical devices

Our Medical team consists of experienced inhouse staff who act as Project Managers, Translators and Editors. They either have a degree in Medical Translation from a renowned university or a diploma from Apollon Hochschule, which is one of our cooperation partners for Training and Education.

We have worked on hundreds of Medical projects in different subject areas, such as Oncology, Cardiology, Radiation Therapy, Compliance and Internal Process Documentation. The text types we have handled include patient consent forms, clinical studies, e-learning modules, online help, user´s manuals as well as web content.

We believe that our customers – and their customers and patients – deserve translations of the highest quality possible.

- IT

Our team handles agile localization projects for several of the largest IT companies worldwide. IT companies have been innovating the localization process ever since and this will not stop. GTU is ready to give IT companies the support they need in order to succeed.

Our top projects include the translation of an Office and Productivity suite, extensive Marketing collateral for a Threat Detection solution and continuous localization for one of the top providers of collaboration software.

We believe that Information Technology should serve society, and therefore translations should be transparent and easy to understand.

- E-commerce

Our e-commerce team handles projects for large e-commerce and logistics companies. These projects are typically embedded into an agile process, which means GTU handles a lot of small projects – every day. Just like our clients, who are preparing millions of shipments to millions of customers worldwide.

Depending on your process we can customize the process so that it fits your needs, for example by setting up a Connect Connector, that picks up new content on the client side and automatically pushes it into our translation process.

We believe that translations should arrive on time.

- Entertainment

Online entertainment, and therefore the translation of subtitles, is on the rise. It´s not only the large media corporations that require this service. It´s also small and medium size companies who realize that in order to increase sales, they need to engage with customers and tell their brand or product story, via YouTube for instance. These translations reach a very large audience, young and old.

Our Entertainment team has more than 10 years experience in subtitle translation and we are using the latest software available to carry out this service.

We believe that translations should be idiomatic.

- Engineering

Engineering projects include a wide range of technical subjects, from workshop literature for construction machinery, to robotics software and e-learnings for Sales staff.

We believe that translations should be accurate.