Most of our customer relationships go back to a time when Veit was still a freelancer. Due to increasing demand, he started building an in-house team in order to handle the rising volume of translations into German.

The idea was quite simple: We wanted to enable our customers to reach out to a provider that works like one freelancer, but has the capacity of many freelancers.

In 2020 GTU started adding other target languages in order to meet the rising demand of our customers. While we have always used freelance translators for handling production peaks, 2020 is the year when we are really starting to outsource work regularly to our external translators.

Our existing clients appreciate the added flexibility and our internal staff have the possibility to transition into the role of a Project Manager.


Our technology stack includes the latest translation tools, collaboration software and antivirus application. We run daily incremental backups as a protection against ransomware attacks. Our offices are connected through an enterprise-grade VPN solution.

It´s nice to have technology, however, it´s even better if one actually uses it daily and consistently.

This became obvious in the 2020 COVID-19 crisis where our technology setup enabled us to work from home immediately.

We will continue to invest in the technology that is right for GTU.

- Hardware

+ Enterprise-grade Dell Server
+ Dell Workstations and Laptops with Windows 10 Professional
+ Physical storage devices for local backups
+ UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

- Software

+ memoQ server
+ SDL Trados Studio
+ Other proprietary or freeware CAT tools
+ Xbench
+ MS Office
+ Cloud based incremental back-up copy every night
+ Antivirus

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GTU is actively seeking to increase the pool of freelance translators and vendor companies. We are looking for partners in the fields of Translation, DTP, Localization and Technology. If you can supply an outstanding service, please apply here: REGISTER


After 13 years as a project manager at Language Services Providers, Veit Guenther decides to become a freelance translator.


Due to a steady growth in the revenue of his freelance business, German Translation Unit incorporates in Madrid in January 2012 and the first employee joins GTU in April. That´s also when the company moves into a small office in a business park. Six months later, in July, a decision was made to invest in a server-based CAT tool. We chose memoQ.


Veit travels to the US to meet some of our key customers.


GTU moves into a new office, twice as big as the old one. We decide to move from Excel spreadsheets to a dedicated project management solution and choose the web-based version of XTRF.


The new office is now fully occupied, and can handle a capacity of up to 20,000 words per day.
GTU incorporates in Germany, Berlin.


GTU starts adding new languages to the services portfolio. New partners for new languages are onboarded.

To support the change in strategy, GTU is working on a new corporate identity.